Ever wonder how shrimp is raised on a farm? Come out to JT Shrimp and get a tour of our facility!

Individual Tours:

Our small tour is $5 per person and lasts approximately 20 minutes. You will get to learn about shrimp farming, discover where the shrimp are raised and see actual shrimp up close and personal!

Technical Tours:

If you’re interesting in learning what it takes to start your own shrimp farm, let us give you the full technical tour. Cost is $200 per person.

If you’re curious to see what’s new in Wheatfield, come take a tour of JT Shrimp! Just give us a call and we’ll get a tour set up for you.

Our number is

School Tours:

We love enhancing a child’s learning experience! Tours are available for school groups of any size. Please call ahead for pricing and scheduling.

Group Tours:

We can accommodate bus tours – just give us a call to set it up! Large tours are $50 for the first 10 people and $5 per person after that.

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